My Month in OZ!
The last week

Venus Bay.  A lovely beach community about an hour and a half south of Melbourne.

Eagle's nest, on the coast, south of Melbourne.  Getting a look at myself in these photos, it's no wonder my (now ex-) gf wasn't affectionate!  Sheesh!  Time to hit the gym on a daily basis again!

Well, having missed seeing any roos before my trip to Venus Bay, I was way pleased to see so many mobs each evening feeding in the fields surrounding the beach houses!  One evening, we spotted a mob of at least 20 or 25 roos!

Always wanted to have a pic of me in front of one of these signs!  Can't really see 'em, but, there's a mob of about twelve roos behind us!

Even saw a few wombats!  Adorable!
Trying my hand at line fishing from the Fisherman's Jetty at Venus Bay!  Can't see it very well, but there's a beautiful rainbow just over my shoulder!  No bites on my line, though, but don't I just look the part!!!
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