My Month in OZ!
The third week
Monday morning dawned bright and warm.  Lem took a day off from work to help and, after toast and veggie and several cups of coffee, we got started on the window around 8:30.
First, we had to get the pane of glass out of the remaining three parts of the sash!  This was an intense effort!  One wrong move on either of our parts or one misplaced blow with the hammer and we'd be rushing out to buy a replacement pane of glass!

Finally, after almost an hour of babying and coaxing, the pane of glass came free!  Then came the fun part of milling the replacement pieces to attach to the existing sash!

Lem has a real knack for working with wood and tools!   With minimal direction, she jumps right in and her meticulous nature assures the results are exact!

Lem and I were just finishing up on the reworked sash when Neika arrived home to admire our handiwork!

Here we are, two handy-grrls, proud as pea-hens of our day's work!

The window is back in the frame and I'm showered and dressed and ready to make my train back to Melbourne!

A final pose together, and one of me before the Overland departed Adelaide's Kesick Station!

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