My Month in OZ! (continued)
Kings Canyon
This was my view starting the climb up the steep cliffs of Kings Canyon the next morning.   This view, sumptuous as it may be, did not last long!   These spry and nimble canyon-nymphs soon out-distanced this fat, old dyke!

Finally!  I made it to the top of the initial climb!  Blissfully ignorant of the remaining 5.5k journey along the Canyon Rim Walk!
Taking a breather at the top of the initial climb.  This canyon is 350 million years old and most of the formations have been worn rounded by eroding sandstorms and wind.  As a result, some of the formations appear as ancient cities, rounded domes of habitats around the entire rim.  
 In retrospect, I'm glad I had Kings Canyon all to myself, and the rest of the group had gone on ahead.  I was able to explore a bit and find a treasure like this fallen ghost gum and the intricate rock formations and views like these without feeling rushed:

Whew!  Back in Alice Springs and taking the edge off the amazing mid-40s (celsius) temperature with a cold Vic Bitter before heading back to Adelaide on the Ghan!
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