• 100% Lesbian since age 7 when I chased Debbie behind the big oak tree during recess, asked to see her new panties and kissed her!
  • native Atlantan
  • 15 yrs experience in with PC's, networks, applications in Training, Analysis, Design, Implementation, Support and now Web Design and Development! ... click here to view my resume!
  • Libra with Scorpio Rising
  • Old enough to know what I want and young enough to lead the race!
  • Have studied the metaphysics for ten years and practice tarot, numerology, graphoanalysis and dreams analysis
  • I am an artist and a published writer
  • Accomplishments are renovating my house including all the electrical and plumbing. I gutted my kitchen and re-built it from the floor joists up! Even made my own cabinets!
  • I work with wood and have created many fine pieces of furniture
  • Also, I make percussive instruments from wood and hide, especially Goddess Drums
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My 35th with mygorgeous nephew!

Birthday Surprises!

Ret 2 Go!

My late friend Sonya and me!

Kel, Sonya and moi!

Very happy aftermy Honey's vist!

handy grrlwith a toolbelt!

Relaxing atRhythmFest '95!