Bar Haikus
by Swade and Chason
March 25, 2000
human nature cries
smiling teeth are made of ice
we live for drama
something gut-wrenching
echoes of crosby, stills, nash
music tames the beast
by the next pitcher
young lovelies seduce my eyes
beer invocations
electric leashed dogs
stone thrown from humanity
technology sucks
car horn man's new voice
acknowledges existence
get outta my way
color pink on girls
nipples stand at attention
blue mood solitude
second wind brain fart
airhead bimbo could be sweet
til i sober up
cigarette tip glows
reality's map is lost
another shot of turkey
forehead tattooed L
gorgeous women beyond reachc
hemingway is gone
blessed shades of delightment
rewrite emotions
accents turn me on
lineage has to be strong
painted fingernails
sauce of satan's blood
cold pitcher of barlied hops
wings at taco mac's
hand dips between thighs
noisy crowd of beer drinkers
erotic axis
flowers in the trash
your eyes no longer light me
farewell deborah
red accord drives by
no lips around my penis
good riddance janet
blood red itchy eyes
blast off is planned for seven
pollen count is high
green armed red leashed dog
four girls two boys walk
atlanta twilight
red light district calls
endorphins rage in my veins
arms of a lover
young tender nubile
one-tracked mind's low impulses
drag my zipper down
all i need is one
if i asked nicely will you
please sit on my face
all you girls are hos
i'm just opinionated
cause you ain't with me
long walks in the snow
the mind eclipses the soul
pondering life's path
mystical straw sucks
life confuses then settles
mystery is solved
i live life for me
scars etch my face from battle
victorious me
welcome mat of smiles
scratching her thigh in mid stride
our fav jennifer
a diary of sorts
my travel book escapades
hope it never ends
to the ends of earth
searching for that unique soul
a true love story
blessings from above
hard tipped flesh tickles my palms
skipping a heart beat
why am i waiting
faith sits quietly beside
i'm trying too hard
world grows small on line
enhanced connectivity
yet we're still alone