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February 10, 2000 Montpelier, Vt. - Vermont House committee decides Gays, Lesbians should be granted the same rights, benefits as heterosexual couples through broad civil rights statute, but not marriage.
February 11, 2000 Sacramento, California - Methodist church decides not to charge 68 ministers who blessed lesbian wedding in protest of church's ban on gay marriages.
March 30, 2000 Greensboro, NC - Reform Jewish leaders overwhelmingly approve resolution to allow rabbis to preside at gay commitment ceremonies.
April 6, 2000 Trenton, NJ - New Jersey Supreme Court, in unanimous ruling, said plaintiff V.C. holds "psychological parent" status, meaning she has same parental rights as former lover, M.J.B., with 1994 born twins conceived via artificial insemination and jointly raised for two years.
April 16, 2000 Montpelier, VT - 19-11 vote approves gay couples to form "civil unions" that will entitle them to all 300+ rights, benefits available under state law to married couples.
April 30, 2000 Washington, D.C. - Thousands of demonstrators gathered on the National Mall in Washington on Sunday to march for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender rights.
July 1, 2000 Brattleboro, VT - Two Vermont women, Carolyn Conrad and Kathleen Peterson, became the first same-sex couple in the nation to be legally united.
September 7, 2000 San Antonio, TX - Couple from Houston make history by obtaining the first marriage license issued in Texas to two lesbians -- a union that will be legal under current state law because one of them used to be a man.

November 30, 2000 Showtime cable network premiers Americanized "Queer As Folk" version of popular Brit series.
January 27, 2001 Oak Park, IL - The Boy Scouts of America rejected the charters of seven Cub Scout packs and Boy Scout troops because their sponsors had challenged the organization's policy of excluding gay members and leaders.
April 9, 2001 Washington, D.C. - Scott Evertz, leader among gay Republicans in Wisconsin, named director of White House Office of National AIDS Policy.
July 11, 2001 Washington, D. C. - Bush administration declines request from Salvation Army, nation's largest charity, to exempt religious charities that receive federal money from local laws barring discrimination against homosexuals.
July 16, 2001 Chicago, IL - Leaders of the Presbyterian Church (USA) have voted overwhelmingly to overturn a ban on ordaining homosexuals as ministers of the church.    The 317-208 vote, taken Friday at the church's annual general assembly in Louisville, Kentucky, came after more than two hours of debate.
July 19, 2001 Rhode Island - The state has become the second in the country to ban discrimination against transsexuals, cross-dressers and others who cross sex boundaries. The law, which became effective without the governor's signature, prohibits discrimination based on ''gender identity or expression'' in housing, employment and credit. Gay rights advocates say the law will ensure that a worker cannot be fired for having ''sex reassignment'' surgery.
July 24, 2001 Roanoke, VA - Ronald E. Gay, a drifter, who told the police that jokes about his last name had angered him, was sentenced to four life terms for a shooting rampage in a gay bar that killed one man and wounded five other men and a woman. Mr. Gay, 55, pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and six charges of malicious wounding in the Sept. 22 shooting at the Backstreet Cafe in Roanoke. In court and in interviews with police, he said he was on a mission to kill homosexuals.
July 27, 2001 Houston, TX - The Houston City Council approves ordinance outlawing discrimination against gay men and lesbians in hiring by city agencies.
July 28, 2001 San Francisco, CA - Sharon Smith, lesbian partner of a San Francisco woman killed by attack dogs, became first gay partner to be granted legal standing and may file a wrongful-death suit against the couple who were looking after the dogs.
August 1, 2001 Berlin, Germany - Angelika and Gudrun Pannier, dressed in black tuxedos and white bow ties, exchanged rings and sealed Germany's first legal homosexual union with a kiss.  The new Partnership Law allows inheritance and health insurance rights,but does not give gay partnerships the same tax privileges as heterosexual marriages.

August 2, 2001 Germany - New law takes effect in Germany allowing registration of same-sex partnerships despite conservative opposition; under new law, lesbians and gays who register their relationship will have same inheritance rights as heterosexual couples, may share surname, and their foreign partners may join them in Germany; law does not give same-sex couples tax advantages granted heterosexual married couples or right to adopt children
August 2, 2001 Boston, MA - Minuteman Council, comprised of 330 Scout troops and 18,000 Boy Scouts in Greater Boston, one of largest Boy Scout councils in Massachusetts, will allow gay scoutmasters under new 'don't ask-don't tell' policy, despite national organization's ban on homosexuals;
August 22, 2001 U.S. Census shows same-sex couples head nearly 600,000 homes in US, with gay or lesbian couple in nearly every county.
August 20, 2001 Miami, FL - A federal judge ruled Thursday that Florida's law banning homosexuals from adopting children is valid, saying the state has a legitimate interest in only allowing married couples to adopt.   The law is considered the nation's toughest ban on gay adoptions, prohibiting adoptions by any gay or lesbian individual or couple. Mississippi and Utah also ban adoptions by same-sex couples.
September 11, 2001 Openly gay passgenger Mark Bingham, on United Airlines flight that crashed in Pennsylvania, one of passengers who fought terrorist hijackers.
September 26, 2001 Washington, D.C. - House Approves D.C.'s Law On Rights of Domestic Partners and ends nine years of blocking District of Columbia domestic partners law, adopting measure 226 to 194 despite opposition by most of Republican leadership.
September 29, 2001 Finland and South Africa - South African court rules that gay and lesbian couples may adopt children; Finnish parliament approves law allowing gays to register as couples, with right to inherit property and visit partners in hospitals, but not to adopt children or take common surname
November 14, 2001 Cairo, Egypt -- An Egyptian court has jailed 23 men accused of taking part in a gay sex party in a boat on the River Nile.

January 12, 2002 Seoul, South Korea -- Homosexual rights advocates in South Korea have filed a lawsuit against the government for blocking access to www.exzone.com, the nations first Web site for lesbians and gays.  Users must now type in their social security numbers so access is denied to people under 19.    South Korea's Lesbian and Gay Human Rights Federation, together with more than a dozen other rights groups says that the restrictions discriminate against homosexuals and are a violation of the right to freedom of speech.
March 14, 2002 New York, NY - Rosie O'Donnell, in her first extensive public discussion about being gay, says in a television interview on ABC's Primetime Thursday that she didn't come out sooner partly because she didn't consider it a big deal.

March 15, 2002 Servicemembers Legal Defense Network reports that Defense Department discharged 1,250 men and women in 2001 for declaring themselves gay or engaging in homosexual conduct, highest figure in 14 years, and that number of cases of anti-gay harassment rose to 1,075 from 871 in 2000; calls statistics an affront to liberty, unity and military readiness.
March 16, 2002 Neward, DE - Delaware has joined a handful of states breaking legal ground in child support with a court ruling that two women should both be considered parents of a 4-year-old boy to whom one gave birth after in-vitro fertilization
April 10, 2002 Thousands of high school and college students around the nation protest anti-gay bias in schools by not speaking all day Wednesday.

April 11, 2002 Darrell David Rice is charged in 1996 killings of Julianne Marie Williams and Laura S Winans while they were hiking in Shenandoah National Park in Virginia; Atty Gen John Ashcroft terms killings hate crime because of Rice's hatred of women and gays, and says he will seek death penalty; Rice is in custody serving sentence for attacking woman in same park one year after murders.
April 17, 2002 Cleveland Heights, OH - Cleveland Heights becomes first city in Ohio to extend health care benefits to same sex couples.
April 19, 2002 Canberra, Australia - Prime Minister John Howard said children are better off if they have a mother and father, and vowed to overturn a court ruling granting lesbians access to fertility treatment.
April 24, 2002 Tacoma, WA - Tacoma City Council added sexual orientation and gender identity to the city s anti-discrimination law.
April 26, 2002 Pennsylvania - For first time, LGBTs included in annual report on the hate crimes in Pennsylvania published by the New York-based National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs.
April 26, 2002 WASHINGTON, D.C. - Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor & Pensions voted to send the gay civil rights bill known as the Employment Non-Discrimination Act to the full Senate for a vote later this year.
August 3, 2002 MOSCOW, Russia -- Russia is considering introducing a law banning publicly promoting homosexuality -- just as the gay community is enjoying new found freedoms.

August 6, 2002 COWES, England (CNN) -- The first gay sailing team to enter Skandia Life Cowes Week has stolen the spotlight of Europe's longest running and most famous regatta.

August 16, 2002 .  New York, NY- New York City Council voted Thursday to recognize gay marriages from other jurisdictions.

August 21, 2002 New York, NY- About 20 lesbian and gay survivors whose partners died in the September 11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center will receive workers' compensation under state law.

December 17, 2002 Los Angeles, CA - A 15-year-old female student who says she was banned from gym class at school because she is a lesbian filed a lawsuit Tuesday against her instructors and the school district, accusing them of discrimination.
December 18, 2002 Albany, NY - Republican Gov. George Pataki signs bill outlawing discrimination against lesbians and gays in New York state, 31 years after advocates began lobbying for it.   The law protects people from abuse, harassment and discrimination in employment, housing, education and public services based on their sexual orientation. It made New York the 13th state to prohibit anti-gay bias.

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