Amazing Talent of Women
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[LesbiErotica by Swade] Swade's LesbiErotica

Wild Women Dreamin Wet!   Lot's of Hot Erotica for Women!
Tasha Ravenscry's Domain Creative Lesbian - Artist, Writer, Drag King, Mother and more
  Sappho Smith In The Nature Of Freaks   In this on-line novel, Detective Sappho Smith tries to find out who is killing the freaks at Coney Island's Freak-A-Rama sideshow in the 1950's.
Black Lesbian Erotica
featuring a gallery of amazing art of Tina Fields
Nifty Erotic Stories Archive - Lesbian
Nicely done site with reviews, a marketplace, discussion forums and fun stuff.
  Crystal Diary
A Novel by Frankie Hucklenbroich!  Gritty, Raw and funny! The way it really was back in the 60s and 70s!!
Swade's LesbiErotic Art Swade's LesbiErotic Art!
[ original oil by Margaret Doogan ] World's Women On-Line!  Beautiful Art from Women of the World!
[ original acrylic by Helen Redman ] Birthing The Crone!
an amazing journey, via original art, through the cycle of menopause
  Femme Forum!
a new 'zine for all women!
Spike Punk Dyke Comix Michele Lloyd's Spike Punk Dyke Comix
Pages!  too funny!
Another great site from Michele Lloyd ...
Science Fiction for Lesbians!
  Catalog of Lesbian Plays, Musicals, One-Acts, and Monologues!
  Glasgow's Lesbian Archive and Information Centre!
  Matrices! A Lesbian and Lesbian Feminist Research and Network Newsletter
One of the best Ellen DeGeneres Pages I've seen!
The Australian Ellen Pages! DeGeneres Page!
Something nu for the girls - It's the E-zine for today's groovy dykester!
For the Wired Dyke!
  Susie Bright!
Sheesh! She's been around almost as long as I have!
  Sapphic Ink!
Lesbian literary journal!
  Publishing Triangle's The 100 Best Lesbian and Gay Novels
  Queer Resources Directory - Magazines!
  The Lavender Salon Reader - Gay and Lesbian Reading Clubs
  Washington Blade's Alison Bechdel's Dykes to Watch Out For Archives
  ATHENA NetZine!
 On Our Backs  the first magazine dedicated to lesbian sexuality!
  Girlfriends Magazine
  The Lesbian News!