Women in Music
My Enya! so beautiful, so talented
  • she writes all the music
  • she sings all the parts
  • she plays all the instruments
  • she sings in english, gaelige, latin, spanish, french
  • and, she's only 5' 1"
... all she'd have to do is say the word and I'd be in Dublin so fast it'd make your head spin!  *sigh*
... and her hands!
Melissa Etheridge Information Network!
kd lang  ingenue concert.  front row.  so close i could see the sweat dripping down between her breasts!   ever since her 1987 debut, Angel With a Lariat, I've been hooked.
Cocteau Twins!  don't know what the hell Liz is singin' about but I never tire of listening to her!
Sarah McLachlan! she just keeps getting better and better ...
Siouxie! after 20 years, the Banshees have split and now Siouxie has created The Creatures.   It may be sacreligious for me to say this about one of the original punkers, but, Last Beat of My Heart is one of the greatest love songs I've ever heard
Sinead O'Connor! passionate and amazingly talented!  What a woman!
Everything But The Girl! I've been listening to Tracey for a way long time
Ani Defranco Page! what can you say 'bout a dyke that makes love to her guitar on stage?
Indigo Girls!     what the hell are they singing about?   I remember seeing them here in Atlanta when they first started a looooooong time ago ... with all the money and fame and success, you'd think they'd crack just a small smile!
Tanita Tickeram! a phenomenal voice, amazing lyrics and gorgeous
Moire Brennan!   Clannad's lead vocal.  3 members of the ni Bhraonain family are members and Moire's famous sister enya was an early member
Suzanne Ciani! synthesized and some of the best work/meditation music I've heard
  Derivative Duo! Savagely funny and right on the mark! A pair of demented divas performing parodies based on classical opera.
Dar Williams!
  Team Dresch!
Tribe 8! ( mosh heaven!)
Jamie Anderson!