Kewl Lesbian Sites
Lesbians of Tulsa (OK) A strong Lesbian Community for Oklahoma, based out of Tulsa
Black Lesbian UK: A positive place for UK black lesbians to communicate, network, ask for advice, and make
friends. If you are looking for a place to belong, feel free to join.
Where Girls Kiss Girls! all about being a lesbian! Features help in coming out, lesbian stories, live chat, lesbian sex tips, lesbian movies, lesbian celebrities, lesbian forum, lesbian guestbook and free lesbian e-cards, bisexual
Lesbiru! the first comprehensive national service for Russian-speaking lesbians
Rainbow Law is your online source for Legal and Estate Planning documents specially designed for Gay and Lesbian couples
Gay Ducks GayDucks - A Grassroots Campaign designed to educate the LGBT community about Estate Planning and to encourage you to put your wishes in writing before it is too late!
LESBOTRONIC!  100% FREE personals for the intelligent woman-seeking woman. For romance, friends, or networking - witty and comprehensive questionnaire, including lifestyle and personality items. Receive profiles of compatible women via email. United States, Canada, and Australia.
AstroLesbians!!  A group of lesbians interested in astrology!
Lesbians On The Loose, Australia's leading lesbian publication!
Technodyke ... gathering place for the web savvy dyke.  Lesbians in the field of web technology gather to network, chat, date and play together
Sonji & Sophia got married  a pictorial of their wedding ceremony, May 23, 1998!
Classic Dykes Online!  Resources for Lesbians in MidLife and Beyond ...
Diversity Bay!  Gay, lesbian and diverse Info Network. Australia & worldwide, updated regularly.
Hanarchy Now Productions  produces and promotes cutting edge cultural events for queer women and other alternative/progressive folks
Pantyhose Lover's Page!  oooh yes!  I just love a woman in hose ... specially hose and garter belt ...
J's Womens' Erotica and Sexuality!
Adia's Place is a media-rich environment for womyn.
News, music, health, special features, greeting cards and links of interest for womyn.
  Cornelia's Lair Check out her Gallery!  I am awed and envious of true artistic genius.  
Also, quite an interesting trek for vampyre afficionados!
Queer Living  guide to Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered domestic life with an emphasis on family and homelife
Spiderwoman's Web! check out the bedroom! whoo-whoo
Michele's The Decline of Civilization:  News for the Paranoid
I just loooooove this graphic!  SAXXXY'S World lesbian hideout!!
AALGA African-American Lesbian/Gay Alliance
Black Lesbian Support Group
Dead Lesbians Bookclub Reading List
Cynical Dog Lesbian Book Salon
Steph and Lil's Queer Links
We Are Family! a voice of informed str8s and gays working to spread truth about homosexuality, with a focus on young people!
Gay & Lesbian Personal Finance Association Personal finance and Investing information and resources from a Lesbian/Gay perspective
Auntie Teck's Home for Women in Asia
ACoH's Girl Stuff Page
in the Company of WOMEN Life's too short to settle for mediocrity...every event and vacation should be a great adventure!
The Data Lounge Find out the latest in news, gossip, culture and dating!
Also check out Swade's G/L/B/T! Page for more Links!!
I THINK I MIGHT BE A LESBIAN... NOW WHAT DO I DO? Brochure for Young Women written by Lesbian youth...!
K-WEB! Kinky Women Expanding Boundaries!
Boston Lesbian Avengers!
Chicago Lesbian Avengers!

Washington DC Lesbian Avengers!

Portland Lesbian Avengers!

San Francisco Lesbian Avengers!
Amy's Obsession Lesbian Links!
Sappho Central!
Jane's X:WP Alternative Fan Fiction Site! Nicely done site focusing on the subtext!
Jo's Page! Great XENA stuff!
Ever wonder if Xena and Gabrielle get it on???
Womyns'sWare! Online Toy Store!
A Woman's Touch! celebrating sexuality and romance for Women, and those who love them!  Sex toys, oils and lotions,erotic books and videos, romantic gifts, and information about relationships and sexual health!
Good Vibrations! Toys, videos and erotic stuff!  Even an antique vibrator museum!
Guerilla Grrrls!
IRC!Download mIRC!
Grrltalk dyke, dyke-friendly chat guide!
#WomanSpace! A Predominantly Lesbian IRC Community! Please, no net-sex, no men!
Other IRC Channels
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Lesbian Lounge!
June Mazer! Lesbian Collection
Lesbian Org!
oddgirl's Lesbian Links!
LaFemme! Note! This Link is Inactive until a new Web Site is Established!
Lesbian Herstory Project
Lesbian Archive and Information Centre!
A Dyke's World Beautifully done, Graphically Rich!