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Scenes from the National March on Washington for Lesbian, Gay and Bi-Sexual Rights, April, 1993

I was at the first march in October, 1979 and was very proud to be present at this historic one in April, 1993.

Conservative Parks Department estimates placed the marchers at approximately 750,000. I firmly believe this is too conservative.

I was there and have heard estimates of our numbers ranging up to 2 million.

All I can say is, after the march started, late as usual for GST (Gay Standard Time,) the March Route had to be redirected after the sixth contingent because the Mall at that point was too full ...

But then, they always do want to make us invisible ... Show your power:



March on DC pix #1 We March! March on DC pix #2 Scene from the March
March on DC pix #3 Signing the Quilt! March on DC pix #4 Above the Quilt and Crowd
March on DC pix #5 We make it to the mall March on DC pix #6 Finally on the Mall

March on DC pix #7 Relaxing after a hard days March...

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