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With issues like
War, Poverty, Drugs, Rape, Murder ...
isn't it amazing
the Baptists concentrate their hate
on people who love!

The following was emailed to me by a visitor in response to the above Disney statement .  I was moved and encouraged by his words.  Hope you are too!

Support for the boycott is far from universal among Southern Baptists. The fundamentalists currently have political control of the convention (they are a" minority, but better-organized than the moderates).  Moderates, such as myself, have been fairly outspoken in our opposition to the Disney boycott, within Baptist circles, but very few of the Baptists who are opposed to the boycott have been quoted by the news media.
The fundamentalists apparently are more newsworthy (i.e., the newspapers and TV stations can count on them to make outrageous statements).  
I am a minority within a minority, by the way ... Southern Baptist and GAY!

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